“Shea Goodbye”

A friend from out of state sent e-mail letting me know that a delayed Christmas gift of a DVD was on it’s way.  It took a detour to a mutual friends home because the sender had written down their address instead of ours.  When I finally got the package I opened it.  In it I found a DVD with a hand written title of “Goodbye Shea”.  My eyes watered a little as I knew what it contained.  It was the Shea Goodbye ceremonies held right after the very last game to be ever played at the stadium.  The Mets had lost, there won’t be anymore games as they weren’t going to the playoffs. 

My husband and I finally sat down and watched the DVD the other night.  It was nice to see the blue skies over Shea.  They had a parade of players from the past.  For me, it was really nice to see the guys from 1986.  I was real happy to see that Doc Gooden and Darryl Strawberry were in attendance.  I give mention to them in particular because I haven’t heard much about them in a long while and the last things I remember hearing about them were not good.  It’s amazing how some faces I failed to recognize and then slowly find something familiar in the them.  Anyhow, it was a good and touching tribute.

I treasure the memories of the 1986 World Series against the Boston Red Sox.  I had my radio at work tuned in to the games.  At the end of the work day I had to decide to leave work and go home possibly miss the end of the game or go home and hope of all hopes the game would last long enough for me to catch the end of it at home.  I can’t remember which game it was that I decided to gamble and leave work and hope to catch the rest of the game at home.  As I walked to the subway every bar I encountered was jam packed with people.  You couldn’t get in if you wanted to.  Every store window that had a TV on had a crowd in front of it.  At the subway entrances were people standing headphones pressed to their ears listening to their walkman/radios not wanting to descend into the station and lose the signal.  Ugh!  The angst of it all.  Quite a communal experience.

I’ve really only been to Shea a couple of times.  One for a rained out game. The other for the Subway Series of all Subway Series, the 2000 World Series against the Yankees.  The Mets won the game that my sister and I saw at Shea.  That was another exhilirating and exhausting series.  I slept very little that time.

I loved this goodbye article from the New York Times published just days before the last game ever at Shea.  It’s certainly from a very different perspective of airline pilots and ultlimately cool.

We got a glimpse of the new stadium in 2007 when we were home for Christmas.  It looked good from the outside back then.  I’m sure it looks even better now.  I look forward to watching a game in the new stadium one day.

Goodbye Shea.


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