Open Sesame

I like chestnuts.  Though I shy away from roasting them myself.  There’s the requisite X that you have to score on each nut.  With that is the increased possibility of self injury from trying to cut a slippery nut.  That’s a pretty good deterrent for me.  So how to enjoy chestnuts?

Well, by the front door of a local asian market was a roasted chestnut vendor.  The chestnuts were roasted whole and without the X mark.  Now how do you open a roasted chestnut without the X mark?  I noticed a small sign that read chestnut opener with a diagram.  It’s a small plastic wonder with teeth!  No more problem breaking into the shell providing quick and safe access to the delicious meat inside.

The scoop part is where your thumb rests when pressing the teeth into the shell.  It’s also great for scooping the nut meat out of the shell when it’s stuck.  With this little marvel, I worked through the bag with little effort and thoroughly enjoyed the delicious warm morsels.  Yay!


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