Because I can

I came home, opened the garage door and thought nothing of it.  Then I noticed the red lights on the transfer switch in the garage.  I looked at it closely and it says that there’s no power from the grid and therefore the generator is running.  We’re in the middle of a power outage!

Sure enough, the clocks in house are now blank or blinking.  Called the electric company to report it and I’m not the first caller to report the outage.  Their estimate is the power will be back over an hour from now.

Not sure what the cause of the outage is but what’s cool is the standby generator that we had installed a year and a half ago is doing it’s job. 

So now, I have sent e-mail and now posting a note here, because I can.  So frivolous.  The real reason we got the generator to begin with was due to our experience of not having power for over 5 days a few winters ago.  We were living in our 41 degree (Fahrenheit) home.  That was way too cold and we lost a lot of food supplies.  Now, I’m very happy that our investment is paying off.  Thank God!


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