Happy June 2013

Happy June Day. A bit cloudy today but happy that the temperature is above 60 degrees Fahrenheit. The ground is overrun by weeds. The urge to pull them out from the ground battles the urge to relax and enjoy tea. Oh well, time to refill my cup.



Tomorrow the fall season begins. The neighborhood children have gone back to school. Daylight is getting shorter as dusk approach sooner everyday. The other evening we enjoyed one of the first harbinger of fall, the matsutake mushroom. I neglected to take a picture of the Dobin Mushi, matsutake soup, which means I just have to have another to get a picture to share with you.

God bless. Safe travels. Come back soon.

Shuttle Atlantis Photo by Morry Gash/AP via NYtimes

Today, July 8, 2011,  only one subject could be in the “Picture of the Day”.  Shuttle Atlantis left for space for the last time. No I wasn’t one of the many who watched in person but the TV is glued to Nasa TV channel.  I like hearing the intermittent updates from mission control as the shuttle go through the different phases of their flight. Amazing!

What day is it?

My previous post is stamped July 8, a day earlier from my time. How did that happen? Other posts made from my cellphone had the correct day. Wonder what changed?

What day will this post be stamped with? Lets find out. Today is July 7, 2011.